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out of my blazer collection…this yellow one is quickly becoming my summer favourite!!!

my hair is in a sock bun…because i couldn’t be bothered to add extensions.

im giving false lashes another try…but i gotta say i still find them hard to put on…especially when you get the glue in your eye and it stings!!

ahh well.. i think i just need more practice.

I’m wearing a very small amount of foundation. (I don’t feel the need to wear it everyday). I’m wearing sleek’s new revive foundation in the shade ‘terracota’.

It’s a little bit light for my skin i think. This is a great foundation but because its sheer and not matte, and with me having naturally oily skin. It was a REAL problem keeping my face ‘non shiny’, I kept having to re-apply my rimmel translucent powder (which isn’t even 100% translucent…but that is a rant for another day!)

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