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DIY Natural hair moisturiser

I remember when i was newly natural and I used to see other people with beautiful spiral curl patterns and my hair was just puffy and i couldn’t figure out why.. I had an entire phase where i bought every brand possible of curl activator gel hoping it would help turn my pen spring curls into larger spirals…

needless to failed :L but what i was left with was TUBS and TUBS of curl activator gel….and people who know me know that i rarely waste things.

then i realised, the active ingredients in curl activator gels are glycerine and water which is what makes them so moisturising and most of the time…greasy.

so what I did was that i got a spray bottle and filled about 70% of it with water, then  i filled the rest with some curl activator gel. (sometimes i add a few drops of olive or jojoba oil…or an essential oil like lavender and very rarely honey) 

What i ended up with was a super moisturising, non greasy hair moisturiser. Usually when I wear my hair an an afro puff, i’m always scared of drying out the puff but not anymore because with my curl activator mix my hair stays soft and moisturised for days.


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